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Design keyboard

Today, many people are typing every day on a PC or mobile phone. Keyboard typing is not very comfortable. For example, some mobile keyboards have small keys, some people have big hands, some keyboards have a lot of keys that are hard to reach. Today, I will introduce a new keyboard for designers called ” Design Keyboard”. I hope you will like it!

In the current world, we are witnessing the inception of another revolutionary invention. Which is known as the Design Keyboard App. This unique keyboard will give you a completely new way of typing. With the help of the Design Keyboard App, you can create a colorful keyboard layout with your own pictures, photographs, and designs.

Whether you are an android or iOS user, Design Keyboard App is there to cover your needs. It is an ideal keyboard app that can be used both for Android devices and iPhones. This blog will give you a deep insight into the Design Keyboard App.

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APP Information:

Name Design KeyboardAPK
Version V5.1.3
Updated Dec24, 2021
size 33.7MBs
Installs 1,0000+
Category APK Apps

Key Features Of Design keyboard:

  • Translation support for over 100 languages
  • Support English dictionary
  • Keyboard hotkey support
  • Global language support
  • You can calculate equations and send them directly from the keyboard.
  • Voice keyboard input
  • Handwriting keyboard input
  • Phrase/Clipboard Input

Beautiful And Stylish

The keyboard design also reflects the user’s personality and taste, and there are many unique options for designing keyboards. They don’t follow the same theme. On the contrary, something serious, cute and imaginative is different. You can also use your own personalized keyboard to change the keyboard wallpaper and fonts to make them feel the most comfortable.


Range Of Customization

The customization of each keyboard is extensive and deep enough that users can freely modify or redesign its structure. You can add or delete ready-made voice messages, cute multi-character emojis, and more.


Endless Temes

Online library themes are always great additions when users are out of ideas or don’t know how to get creative. You can also use smart filters to access themes and change everything on your keyboard. Depending on the theme, the accompanying effects are vibrant, and the motion and user interaction are beautiful.

Quick Messages:

Instant messaging customization is excellent support for themed keyboards, allowing users to write important words as messages arrive. You can also create different presets and use them individually. You can also create cute icons and emojis from your characters.

Why Design Keyboard Is So Popular?

The biggest reason is that it’s the best keyboard app in the world, and it’s FREE. The design keyboard app has won awards for the best design app and the best productivity app and has been featured in Apple’s App Store and numerous publications. Of course, that helped with its popularity!

How To Download Design Keyboard APP On Android Devices?

Step 1: Go To The APK File:

Android apps are always downloadable from their respective Play Store. The Play Store is an online marketplace of more than a million apps. Though you can download the APK files directly from the website, it is not suggested as most of the apps are not authentic, which is why they are not listed on the Play Store. However, there are some good applications you can find by searching on the APK website.

Step 2: Click On The Download:

Click on the download button and you will get the link to the application, which you can choose to download APP.

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Step 3: Wait For Download:

While waiting for the app to download, every once in a while refresh the page. There are a lot of apps and it is possible that the app you want is being downloaded by someone else. If you refresh the page, you will see the app downloading. This can be done on an iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device.

Step 4: Install APK On Your Android Device:

To install an apk on your Android device, you have to have an apk file on your phone. You can download that file from the Internet or you can make one yourself on your computer. Once you have an apk file, you can install it on your device by opening the file with your file manager and tapping the Install button. Once the installation process is completed, hit the Return button and you will be directed to the app’s dashboard.

Step 5: Enjoy it!

And now after downloading this apk you will be able to play this apk. So enjoy it!

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We hope that you have enjoyed our article on the Design KeyboardAPK. As you know, there are many APk APPS out there, so we hope that you were able to find some that are helpful to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and that some of the information provided was useful and insightful. We are always excited to hear from our readers, especially when they take the time to post their thoughts in the comments section at the end of each post.

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