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burma tv

Burma tv is the first free satellite tv channel in Burma. It is the first free news channel from Burma. It is being started by the people. These satellite tv channels provide the news and current affairs and entertainment programs to the people of Burma.

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Burma TV is a live streaming channel by Burmese ex-pats all over the world. We broadcast Burmese language news and entertainment programs such as Zawgyi News, Zayar Lwin, Tagar Lwun, Dagon Tawin, Dawei Gyi, etc.

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APP Information:

Name Burma TV
Version V5.1.1
Updated March 1, 2022
size 18MBs
ID Burma.com
Installs 1,0000+
Category APK APPs


What Is Burma TV?

Burma TV is an English-language news and entertainment channel broadcast into Myanmar from Los Angeles. It is the first Burmese-language satellite TV channel outside of Burma. Burma TV delivers content about current events, entertainment, and lifestyle, including segments on news, fashion, music, movies, and vegetarian cooking. Available via satellite on AsiaSat 3S satellite and also available live on their website.

Burma tv is Burma’s premier terrestrial television channel. Continuously running since 2nd May 1993. It was established and operating in exile since 1976. It was launched in a high-definition format on 20th January 2014.

burma tv

Key Features Of Burma TV:

  1.  The number one Burmese language channel in Thailand
  2. Enjoys a leading position in the Burmese community in Thailand (22% of TV households watching Burma TV in Thailand)
  3. The channel has a strong Burmese community audience, which is a loyal base of viewers
  4. Programming includes news, entertainment, dramas, documentaries, and music
  5. Channel also features programs shared by other networks
  6. Channel is viewed via free-to-air and cable networks

Why Burma TV Is So Popular?

Burma TV is popular because it is the ONLY TV Channel in the country that allows the people to speak and express their own opinions freely. It is also an entertainment channel with a wide variety of programs to watch.

All the other TV Channels in this country either air programs that are written by the government or are just government propaganda. Since the regime change in 2011, there has been a lot more freedom in the country and a lot more people are willing to speak openly on the channel.

Burma TV and YouTube are the only platforms where you can get a real feel for what Burmese people are really thinking, feeling, and talking about. So many wonderful and talented people in Burma create content every day and share it with the world. The videos are what the people really want to watch, not the boring state news in the newspapers and on TV.

burma tv

How To Download Burma TV On Android Devices?

Step 1: Go To The APK File:

Android apps are always downloadable from their respective Play Store. The Play Store is an online marketplace of more than a million apps. Though you can download the APK files directly from the website, it is not suggested as most of the apps are not authentic, which is why they are not listed on the Play Store. However, there are some good applications you can find by searching on the APK website.

Step 2: Click On The Download:

Click on the download button and you will get the link to the Burma TV, which you can choose to download APP.

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Step 3: Wait For Download:

While waiting for the app to download, every once in a while refresh the page. There are a lot of apps and it is possible that the app you want is being downloaded by someone else. If you refresh the page, you will see the app downloading. This can be done on an iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device.

Step 4: Install APK On Your Android Device:

To install an apk on your Android device, you have to have an apk file on your phone. You can download that file from the Internet or you can make one yourself on your computer. Once you have an apk file, you can install it on your device by opening the file with your file manager and tapping the Install button. Once the installation process is completed, hit the Return button and you will be directed to the app Burma TV.

Step 5: Enjoy it!

And now after downloading this Burma TV you will be able to play this apk. So enjoy it!



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